a day downtown

here it is – a day i have been working towards and waiting for. my FIRST post as a fashion blogger! honestly, this is a dream a little bigger than myself. i’m not 100% sure where it will take me, but i know that wherever that place is, it’s where i want to go.

yesterday i spent the day downtown with my wonderful fiancé. let me tell ya – i LOVE the spring time and the sunshine! i went with some black shorts and one of my favorite shirts (it says “dream big, mija”) and some white nike roshes.

i love the apple watch trend! it is my absolutely favorite accessory and i will not go ANYWHERE without it. here are some links for my outfit:

shirt: https://vivalabonita.com – my shirt is out of stock but they have some other really cute ones. it’s a latina lifestyle brand and one of my FAVES. i have a sweatshirt from there too and i love it.

shoes: https://www.nike.com/t/roshe-one-womens-shoe-ol9k1O/844994-100

shorts: https://tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/jump/product/Juniors-High-Rise-Shorts/1000488782?colorId=NS1003537&pos=1:44&Ntt=black%20shorts These shorts are on sale for $13 right now!!!!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear if you purchase anything or enjoy this look.

xoxo Alli Tay

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