ethical shopping + the tote project

i’ve had a ton of people message me and ask if i am going to be blogging about ethical clothing – the answer is of COURSE!!!! it is such a huge part of my life that i absolutely love sharing with you guys.

for starters, i want to explain what ethical shopping is and why i support it. about a year and a half ago, i decided i wanted to gradually transform my closet from big name brands to mostly ethical clothing. people always ask me what that even means – GREAT question! for me, shopping ethically is buying clothes either from thrift/secondhand stores, fair trade certified brands, or local/small businesses.

the reason i shop at thrift stores is because it is better for the environment and for people. it produces less waste since we reuse the clothes (thus making their lifetime last longer). not only that but many thrift stores, like miracle hill, give back to the community – that is huge for me! i also shop fair trade because it GUARANTEES that the people that make my clothes are being treated well and paid a fair wage. i shop locally because i love supporting my community and those around me rather than large corporations and CEOs.

if you know me, you know that human trafficking awareness is an issue so near and dear to my heart. if you look up some big name clothing brands you buy from, you’d be shocked to see that many of them indirectly support human trafficking through forced labor and sweatshops in foreign countries. this is something i do NOT want to support.

an app i LOOOOVE is Good On You (linked below). this app tells you where your clothing is coming from. you can research any store on there and they give you all the information you need. the app even gives you suggestions of where you can buy from that is ethical. i so recommend that you download it if you’re curious about what your favorite brands are supporting! after all, we care so much about what’s in our food – why don’t we care just as much about the clothes we wear and the companies we buy from?

so, that’s why i decided to be an ethical shopper – for the most part. the best part about ethical shopping is that the things that i buy MATTER. they tell a story. they support a family or go towards a good cause. that is absolutely priceless. however, i am in NO way a perfect ethical shopper, nor do i claim to be. i still love a good deal on amazon or at target. however, i ALWAYS check to see where my clothes are coming from, and then i decide whether or not i want to take the chance and buy it. i’m not perfect, but i do try my best – and that’s what i think we all should do. it isn’t about NEVER EVER purchasing from a non-ethical shop (though that would be amazing). it isn’t meant to make you feel bad when you buy something online or at the mall. but if we all do our small parts to help others through what we buy, we can make a huge difference.

all of that being said, i am OBSESSED with my new bag from The Tote Project. this amazing brand’s mission is to end slavery through spreading awareness, ethical manufacturing, and giving back. their products are made from different places around the world, but this specific tote was sewn in and dedicated to empowering women in kolkata, india. i’m tearing up just thinking about it!

how adorable is this bag?! this precious little insert is included on the inside. i used the tote for a marketing presentation the other day because i had to carry a TON of stuff around campus and i had plenty of room for everything. i think it would be a perfect beach bag or substitute for grocery bags. it’s so spacious and cute. this tote was gifted to me by my sweet fiancé’s mom!

hope you all have enjoyed this post and learned some more about ethics and fashion – which is what i am ALL about. what is one thing you are going to purchase within the next few weeks that is ethically sourced?! i’d love to know!!!! have the best week ❤

xoxo Alli Tay


ethical clothing app/website:

white sunnies (my FAVE accessory!! and they’re only $10) :

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