spicing up your closet (without spending any $$$)

haaaaappy summertime! one of my favorite times of the year (who am i kidding – i feel like every time of the year becomes my favorite time). it’s mostly my favorite because 1. no school! and 2. family time! what a win-win!

sadly, summertime for me also means lot of work (and saving money). how in the world am i supposed to re-vamp my wardrobe when i’m trying to save every penny i get?! it’s easy to become frustrated when your closet feels bland and overworn. that’s why i’m here to give you a few easy tips and tricks to spicing up your style – without spending a dime!!!

my first tip is THE POWER OF BASICS. basic tees, a good pair of jeans or shorts….priceless. use them! try mixing and matching different staple jeans or shorts with different solid color tops. that way, you’ll feel like you’re constantly wearing a different look, but you won’t have to add anything new to add to your closet. try pairing it with a fun pair of sneakers or some bright colored sandals. you’ll feel like a new woman, i promise!

A basic black tee and your favorite jeans can go a long way!! i had to snag both of these from Bershka yesterday.

another great way to spice up your wardrobe is to think outside the box. try coming up with some new ways to style a button up or t-shirt. tuck the shirt in, button it all the way up or leave it open with a cute cami underneath, tie your shirt in the front, cut off the sleeves – do something NEW with something OLD. here are some ways i would style a button up.

be a little crazy!! i have been wearing my button ups BACKWARDS. try something new!
opt for a top-buttoned shirt. it is so chic and fun. this is definitely more of a preppy look!
give it a front tuck with some fun SNEAKERS!

another thing to remember is to ACCESSORIZE. this is so important!!! throwing some hoops earrings on with a tee and some shorts goes a long way. also, the hair tie trend is very in right now, and it’s a great way to dress up your basics.

hoops make everything look great!

try mixing a basic piece with a bold piece. i think it’s such a fun trend to wear a nice blazer with a pair of mom jeans. it is so stylish and relaxed! like i said – get out of your comfort zone. grab that business piece in your closet and pair it a lighter-washed jean.

here’s a white blazer with some straight-legged jeans. how fun and different!

lastly – it’s OKAY to laugh at yourself if it doesn’t work out or the outfit doesn’t pull together like you planned. like me, when i wanted to see what my shirt would look like untucked. definitely a no-go!

if you decide to go out and buy something new, just remember that basics go MUCH further and last much longer than statement pieces. i love a good leopard print shoe or bright and bold accessories, but i try to keep those purchases at a minimum. i am much more likely to get a good use out of my solid color (but flattering!) tee than i am my crazy colored heels. save the statement pieces for a special occasion buy, and make your frequent purchases staple pieces.

if you ever need help putting an outfit together, want me to style you for an event, or just need random fashion advice, i am always an insta message away!!! you can find me on instagram @allisonyeater. happy closet-sprucing, ladies!

xoxo Alli Tay

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