anxiety and gut health

happy. healthy. confident…or am I?

happy, healthy, and confident are three words that many people would describe me as.

HAPPY. Generally, I’m in a good mood. I’m “happy”. I smile a lot, I love to make new friends, and to the stranger, it is rare that I wear my bad days on my sleeve. If you don’t know me personally, you would probably assume that most of my days are amazing (and most of them are – don’t get me wrong).

HEALTHY. I’ve always been pretty small. I take after my mom – I’m 5’1, I have a smaller figure, and I am pretty active. I played sports in high school and I occasionally went to the gym throughout college. Judging by my size, many would assume that I am very healthy or “in shape”. Though I do not believe that size determines health in ANY way, this is a comment that I have heard a lot.

CONFIDENT. I’m pretty outgoing. I’m not afraid to put myself out there. I will wear crazy clothes, do crazy things, and always push those around me to be more adventurous. Because of these personality traits, many people have told me that I seem “confident”, or “so content with who I am”. I mean…you’d assume that I was, right?

What people never see is what is under the surface. Sadly, we live in a very surface-level society, where the only thing we see in people is the highlights on their Instagram reel. We choose to look for the best and steer clear of the dark, the dirty, and the hard. For me, this looked like anxiety – crippling anxiety. Anxiety that makes my chest tighten and sends me spiraling downward into a disastrous hurricane of harmful thoughts. My confidence was really a painful fear of acceptance. My health was really an obsession with looking good. My happiness was really a facade so that people liked me. I have only recently come to realize how hindered I have been by allowing my anxiety to control me, rather than me controlling it.

DID YOU KNOW that when you are formed in your mother’s womb, your stomach forms before your brain? Yeah. Crazy, right? That means that for the rest of your life, your gut will always have a strong connection with your brain. To put it simply – what you put into your body will always have a connection with your mental health.

I have NEVER been a healthy eater. Seriously…never. Ask anyone. I love junk food, I love caffeine, ice cream, sweets, carbs – all the unhealthy things!! What I never realized was the effect these damaging foods were having on me, in more ways than just my physical health. They were damaging my mental health, too.

Remember how I said that there’s a strong connection between your gut and your brain? In moments of anxiety, stress, or fear, your mind deceives you into telling yourself that you need “comfort foods”. That looks different for everyone – maybe for you, it’s a basket of french fries or a milkshake. Whatever it may be, you trick yourself into thinking that is what your body “needs”. We could not be more wrong! When we experience anxiety, it is actually our body BEGGING for nutrients – for fruits, greens, and healthy carbs. It is begging for GOOD foods that will help to minimize the harmful chemicals your brain is putting out that fuel your anxiety. Sadly, so many people don’t know this – so when we run to “comfort foods”, thinking they are going to help us, they are actually causing our anxiety and stress to skyrocket! Never in my life did I think that the foods I was ingesting were so closely correlated to the increased periods of anxiety that I had.

For too long, I associated being healthy with being miserable. I mean, does anyone really like salad (no offense to you salad lovers)? I never realized that being healthy could be enjoyable. I never realized that being healthy would not only would help slow down my anxiety, but it would also taste amazing. Earlier this year, I decided that my best weight was going to be whatever weight I was at when I was living the healthiest lifestyle possible that I actually ENJOYED.

And I found it! I found it in products that are vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, cruelty free…and actually taste good! Who doesn’t love a chocolate strawberry shake for lunch – that is GOOD for you?!? Sign me up!!!

Because of my shift to these products, I have become the ACTUAL healthiest, happiest, and most confident version of myself. The words that people say to me are true. Because I have chosen to invest in myself through investing in my health, my life has made a complete 180. And yours could too.

If you want to know more about these life changing products and how they can change YOUR life, feel free to:

-DM my health account on Instagram: @thelazycollegekid

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-Message me on FB: @thelazycollegekid OR Allison Yeater

-Check out my health and wellness products on my website:

Let’s GET healthy and STAY healthy – from the inside out – together. Happy Tuesday!!!!

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