fall decor for small apartments

hey people!!! it’s me – alli tay!! I am HAPPILY going into my favorite season…..fall! I mean, who doesn’t love fall, am I right?! Festivals, pumpkins, leaves changing, cooler weather, big sweaters, bonfires – it feels like there’s nothing about fall that is not absolutely wonderful. I think people are just happier during this time of year 😉

Speaking of seasons changing…for those of you who didn’t know – I am going into a brand new season of life. I am getting married THIS week and just recently moved into a small apartment. My sweet fiancé (and soon-to-be-husband!!!) will be joining me here next week after our wedding. We are so excited! I have always dreamed of having a place to call my own. It’s the most precious little apartment and I absolutely ADORE it!

Of course, I immediately went to Pinterest for decor ideas. what I did NOT realize is that most Pinterest ideas are for very large spaces – houses, spacious studio apartments, etc. I could hardly find any pictures or inspiration for how to decorate small spaces to make them more homey and really give them that spark of FALL.

So, I decided to just come up with my own ideas! As you can imagine, as a newly (almost) married couple, the budget isn’t huge. I decided to do a lot of shopping locally – places like Facebook marketplace, farmer’s markets, Walmart, local thrift stores..I even got some cute stuff from Dollar General! I took some big ideas that I got from Pinterest and broke them down into smaller bits that I could incorporate into our apartment. I have been so happy with the results so far! It is still coming along, but it’s going to be beautiful once it’s done. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you all in case anyone else was struggling to decorate a smaller space 🙂 Happy fall, y’all! Enjoy these ideas and get some inspiration for your own place!!

Let’s start off with the basics – the entryway! I picked up these white mums from Walmart for $4! We ended up going with more of a blue-toned color scheme for the house, so I wanted the entryway to reflect that. I found two door mats (one indoor and one outdoor – also from Walmart and under $10 a piece) that really pulled out those shades of blue. I ended up adding the white mums because they give off a very fall “vibe” and help to brighten up the doorway.

Moving right along – the kitchen space! I loved the idea of showcasing some of our favorite mugs (almost ALL of our mugs have a story of some sort), but because of limited counter space, I really had nowhere to put them. I picked up some command hooks and put them underneath our cabinets so that some of our mugs could be on display! I really love how it turned out. Pro Tip: make sure to put the hooks on facing FORWARD…I wasn’t thinking and originally had all of the hooks facing sideways, so the sides of the mugs weren’t showing. You can see in this picture the correct way to place the hooks!

Lemme tell ya about DOLLAR GENERAL!! The best place for cheap decor – as crazy as that sounds!! I have a neat vase that I purchased from a small local vendor’s market. It’s eventually going to go on the dining room table (which is actually being delivered today!). Up until last week, I’d had bright pink and white fake flowers in the vase, and it was bugging me because I wanted to pull some of those fall tones into the apartment. I swung by Dollar General and put together this mini fake flower arrangement for $5! As much as I love real flowers, fake ones are so much easier to maintain. And they’re an easy way to add a touch of fall to your home!

Crazy thing happened the other day – we came across this gorgeous (FREE) bookshelf!! Paden left it in our living room until we figured out where to put it, and we ended up loving it there so much that we left it. Up until yesterday it didn’t have any fall decorations, but I found this wooden pumpkin at a local fall festival and couldn’t pass it up. They were selling them for 2 for $5! That is a STEAL – and it paired perfectly with the wood in the bookshelf.

As you can see, the curtains are still a work-in-progress, but let’s talk about this COUCH! We snagged this for only $60 off of Facebook marketplace. I had to search for a few days and constantly watch for new posts, but I eventually found someone selling this couch. It was almost brand new. We completely cleaned it and made it look brand new again. My sweet family friends got me the pillow case on the left from Amazon, and it’s the perfect touch to our little couch space.

This coffee table!! $30!!! Another Facebook marketplace steal!! I think this antique white pulls together the theme of the entire apartment. I paired it with a small plastic marble serving tray and my new poached pear candle which I just bought from Target. Even the color of the candle says “FALL” – especially against the white of this coffee table.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it – and maybe even found a little bit of inspiration for yourself! I can’t wait to write more as the apartment continues to come together. My favorite part about this entire process was learning that seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be expensive – there are so many efficient ways to decorate for the holidays without breaking the bank!

Always remember that your home should reflect YOU. Of course, there are plenty of ways to arrange things and to make it look better…but at the end of the day, do what appeals to your own eye and speaks to your own family/personality. It’ll make the space THAT much better…I promise. Happy fall decorating!

xoxo Alli Tay

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